Vinyl Tile

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Transform your Bathroom or Kitchen with Vinyl Tile

We offer hundreds of options of vinyl tile to choose from to transform your kitchen or bathroom. Although not limited to those spaces, vinyl tile is perfect for anywhere that has high amounts of traffic. They come in sheets or 12”x12” tiles for installation.

Affordable to Replace if Damaged

Areas that receive the most traffic will most likely wear down a lot faster than others. Vinyl tile is super easy and affordable to replace if damaged.

Softer to Stand on

Vinyl tile is a lot more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time because of a cushion-like layer. Your feet will be less sore compared to ceramic or porcelain tile.

Cozier than Real Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile doesn’t hold on to heat very well while vinyl tile does. In the winter, walking on cold tile in your home doesn’t sound appealing to the average Albertan.

Proudly serving Vermilion, Lloydminster and surrounding areas!

Other Areas to Use Vinyl Tile

Playrooms, basements, laundry rooms, utility rooms, plus others. We also offer vinyl tile for commercial use. This could be for offices, apartments, hotels, workshops and more.

We Install Flooring for You!

We’ll handle the ordering and installation process after you’ve found the perfect flooring.