Vinyl Plank

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Virtually Indistinguishable from Real Wood or Stone

Other than vinyl plank being indistinguishable from natural surfaces, its choices are never-ending. We carry all kinds of vinyl plank that look like real hardwood or stone.

Easy Install

An easy DIY project for just about anyone. Installing vinyl plank is super quick to lay down and can be finished within a day (depending on size and details of the job).

Looks like the Real Thing

When it looks almost identical to wood or stone, it saves you money on the real thing.

Low Maintenance

No wood polishes or special cleaners, vinyl plank is easy to maintain for any home or business.

Proudly serving Vermilion, Lloydminster and surrounding areas!

Affordable for Residential and Commerical Purposes

Many go looking for an affordable flooring option for their home or business. You don’t have look too far. Toma Fine Floors2021 offers high quality and cost-effective vinyl plank flooring. We’ll bring a modern or classic style to any commercial or residential application.

We Install Flooring for You!

We’ll handle the ordering and installation process after you’ve found the perfect flooring.