Vinyl Click

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Installing Flooring is Easier than ever

You guessed it. Vinyl Click is put together by “clicking” other pieces into each other typically in the form of planks but also available in tile. Additionally, it comes in any look! Even though it comes in planks, doesn’t mean that you’re limited to hardwood floor appearances. The options are endless.

vinyl click flooring in the kitchen
dark vinyl click flooring

No Need to Glue Down

With the interlocking mechanism of vinyl click, there is no need to glue down the flooring. If the surface is completely flat, the flooring simply floats on top of the sub-floor.

High Detailed Flooring

Vinyl Click is thicker than other vinyl with a thickness up to 8mm, it allows for increased durability, higher detail and texture features. At the same time, keeping the same qualities as other types of vinyl.

The Easiest Vinyl Flooring to Install

Installed on top of an underlay, vinyl click is the easiest vinyl flooring to put together. Our professional installers are done before you know it.

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Affordable for Residential and Commercial Purposes

Many go looking for an affordable flooring option for their home or business. You don’t have look too far. Toma Fine Floors2021 offers high-quality and cost-effective flooring. We’ll bring a modern or classic style to any commercial or residential application.


We Install Flooring for You!

We’ll handle the ordering and installation process after you’ve found the perfect flooring.